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CROCT to build new public trails in Faribault

We are excited to announce that this spring, summer and fall CROCT will be building a 3-4 mile, multi-use trail at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Faribault. The trail will be open to the public, in addition to being an outdoor eduction resource for the school, where students can learn how to build sustainable trails and how to mountain bike.

The joint CROCT-Shattuck St. Mary’s School venture is part of Shattuck’s commitment to community outreach. An ultra runner and biker himself, Shattuck President Nick Stoneman is one of the key forces behind the project. Thank you, Nick!

The trail will also be a great resource for the Cannon Valley Composite Mountain Bike Team, comprised of high school students from various high schools in the Cannon River Valley.

CROCT will pursue this trail building project, in addition to building trail at Faribault’s Teepee Tonka Park.

We are thrilled to be expanding into Faribault and to welcome Milltown’s Todd Trembley to the CROCT Board. A Faribault Resident, Todd brings a wealth of expertise. He currently coaches the Cannon Valley Composite Mountain Bike Team.

If you are interested in helping build these trails, please contact CROCT President Marty Larson at Trail building is fun and rewarding, not to mention a great workout!

Last Friday, Marty and CROCT Board Members Jeremy Bokman and Sarah Jansen surveyed Shattuck’s land:


The River Bend Winter Ride. A poem by Bill N.

Bill N, winter fat biking, River Bend Nature Center. Photo by John R Bill N, winter fat biking, River Bend Nature Center. Photo by John R Bill N and John R

CROCT member Bill N penned this poem after a recent fat bike ride at the River Bend Nature Center in Faribault. With an assist from John R.

The River Bend Winter Ride

Considerate pause
Today’s bitter cold
For Fat Bikers
Young and Old

Bundled uncomfortably
We ventured outside
With tingly numb thumbs
Hope to warm as we ride

Frost builds on a beard
Or else pink on the cheek
With eyes on the trail
We occasionally peek

In the woods nothing moves
Only crystals and white
The only warm thing
Is today’s sun so bright

No critters are out
And the river is hard
This wind is for sure
Making drifts in my yard

There isn’t much talking
Above the steady crunch
Of 2 Buds and 2 Lous
Packed snow is their lunch.

For over an hour
The pedals we turned
Not to measure this ride
By just miles we learned

One last turn one more hill
Oh goodness we’re done
It’s warm in the shelter
This ride’s memory… fun.