Sechler Skills Park

CROCT’s Sechler Skills Park is located at about the mid-point of the Sechler Park MTB Trail in Northfield, adjacent to the northeast side of the City’s Sechler baseball field complex. There is a small dirt parking area adjacent to the park, with a picnic table and a well-maintained outhouse on site.

As of the end of the 2017 season, the Sechler Skills Park includes:

  • 3 berms (1 large wood berm, 2 dirt berms)
  • 7 tabletop jumps (6 beginner-level, 1 intermediate-level)
  • 2 wood drops (1 beginner-level, 1 intermediate-level)
  • 2 large log piles
  • 1 line of 8 small rollers
  • 1 log skinny/logover obstacle, configured for several levels of difficulty
  • 2 railroad ties configured for uphill steps
  • 1 large boulder
  • Several skinnies (intermediate-expert) with changing configurations

Additional obstacles are planned for 2018.

Photo gallery (fall, 2017):

See our April 2018 blog post announcing the changes, along with a people-infested photo album!