Caron Park MTB Trail

This trail is a beginner/intermediate-level trail segment in Caron Park, (halfway between Northfield and Faribault, MN) built in collaboration with with Rice County’s Parks & Facilities Department and consists of two loops:

Loop 1 (Beginner) – This 1.3 mile two-way trail enters from the parking area (northeast corner) and winds down to the creek.  At the creek intersection, the rider can choose to cross the bridge to Loop 2 or continue on and work their way back to the parking lot.  The upper portion is heavily wooded with a packed dirt trail.  As the trail descends, the terrain  evens out on the flats nearer the creek.

Loop 2 (Intermediate)- This 0.7 mile two-way trail begins at the bridge (located 1/2 through Loop 1).   As you exit the bridge (going north), turn left and follow the trail along the river.   After a slight uphill, cross the bridge and then continue to work up the hill.   A few washouts exist on the way – be prepared to lift that front tire or risk getting tossed over your handlebars!  90% of the way up the hill, stop and admire the giant, split rock (this is a good resting point if you are worn out).  Keep going up the hill, the trail turns slightly right, and at the fork, stay to the right.  The loop finishes with a series of long switchbacks on the way back down, and connects with the start near the water.

Difficulty Rating – Beginner & Intermediate

Trail Maps – Trail maps for this trail are located on both Trailforks and MTB Project.

Trail Pics

History of the Trail – Built in the summer of 2015 by CROCT volunteers along with approval from Rice County’s Parks & Facilities Department. Most of the initial trail work was done on June 6, National Trails Day. See our blog post and photo album of the day’s activities. In the fall of 2015, an extension (Loop 2) was added. See our late November blog post and photo album.