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CROCT’s Caron Park mountain bike trail featured in the July Rice County Report

On page 5 of the July 2016 Rice County Report (“The Official Newsletter of Rice County”) is an article titled:

New Mountain Bike Trail at Caron Park

Rice County Newsletter with Caron Park CROCT article

For background, see our June blog post: Impact of CROCT’s mountain bike trails in Caron Park

Full text of the article here:

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Northfield News: Sechler Park mountain bike trail attracts youth riders

Today’s Northfield News has an article by Nick Gerhardt (@NorthfieldNick) titled Sechler Park mountain bike trail attracts youth riders. In addition to the Monday night youth group ride summer series, it also features the Cannon Valley Composite Mountain Bike Team coached by CROCT member Todd Trembley.

The mountain bike trail at Sechler Park saw an infusion of youth riders this summer as part of a program the Northfield Community Services and it might have an impact in the future. Group rides were held Mondays at Sechler Park from June through August for riders entering grade 5 to adult riders and led by members of Cannon River Offroad Cycling and Trails group. The rides attracted anywhere from a dozen to 25 riders during the summer and the sessions concluded with a trip to the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trail System. The youth riders who participated in the Monday night rides could find themselves competing with the Cannon Valley Composite team in the future It reminded me of the time I took a trip to Sweden, and learned about lå .

Northfield News article

PRAB’s Dale Gehring features CROCT’s Sechler Park trail in his ‘park of the month’ column

PRAB Sechler Park column by Dale Gehring Dale Gehring, Northfield PRAB Chair

Northfield Park & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) chair Dale Gehring devoted a paragraph to CROCT’s Sechler Park mtb trail in this weekend’s Northfield News ‘park of the month’ column. It’s titled, Sechler Park offers much more than just baseball and softball. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the things the Northfield Park & Recreation Advisory Board is trying to move toward is making our community’s parks less seasonal. One example of this is Sechler Park… Our local mountain biking chapter called “Cannon River Offroad Cycling & Trails” (CROCT) has now developed a wonderful MTB trail network throughout the wooded portion of the park, ranging from beginner to expert level. The MTB trails can be accessed from Laurel Court behind Walgreens, entering the woods just to the right of the walking bridge. Folks can also enter behind the pavilion in the center of the park. We are currently working on signage that will be coming soon.

CROCT’s Sechler Park trail now listed on

The peeps at 45NRTH (one of many QBP brands) launched a website recently called Groomed SingleTrack:

Groomed singletrackSimply put, groomed singletrack is your favorite trails manicured specifically for winter trail riding on fat bikes. The broader definition goes far beyond that. It’s the solution for winter cycling—a way to keep some fitness through the cold and snowy months, while having fun doing it. It’s a means to get outside and escape the inevitable hibernation that winter tries to force upon so many of us each year.

CROCT’s Sechler Park trail is now included on their ride page/map. Just plugin in ‘55057’ or ‘Rice County’ or ‘Northfield’ and select  a 25-mile radius and you’ll see a live Google map with a description listed at the bottom. Screenshot:

groomed singletrack map - CROCT Sechler Park trail

Use the Twitter hashtag #ridegroomed or the Instagram hashtag #ridegroomed to see what others are posting.

CROCT and fat bikes featured in Northfield News/Faribault Daily News

Article on CROCT & fat bikes in the Northfield News, Faribault Daily News

Brad Phenow (@bradphenow), City of Faribault and Rice County Government Reporter for the Faribault Daily News & Northfield News, interviewed CROCT President Marty Larson last week. His article appeared online and in both print editions of the papers on Saturday, supplemented with photos submitted by Marty:

Fat bikes, CROCT keep the wheels turning in Northfield, Rice County.

A couple of excerpts:

It may be a new trend, but fat bikes and places to ride them are beginning to gain traction in Rice County. With a new trail in Northfield’s Sechler Park and trails at Faribault’s River Bend Nature Center, a common sight is starting to emerge: year-round biking.

Marty Larson, who runs Tandem Bagels in Northfield, is no stranger to the bike industry. In fact, for 25 years he has been around bikes, whether it’s in the shops or working on the distributor side of the business. Larson said the options for riding have been minimal the last decade, despite the number of shops in the area.  For Larson, what started as an idea (the new trail) soon became a reality, with support from volunteers and the city of Northfield.



CROCT gets a mention in the May Entertainment Guide

Entertainment Guide biking in Northfield

BikeNorthfield president and CROCT co-founder Bruce Anderson has an article on page 44 of the May issue of The Entertainment Guide titled Northfield: Bike Town, USA? It includes this:

By the spring of 2014, two new bike advocacy groups had come into existence (BikeNorthfield and CROCT – Cannon River Offroad Cycling and Trails). BikeNorthfield’s mission is to work with community and regional partners to promote safe and convenient bicycling for transportation, recreation and tourism in and around Northfield. The mission of CROCT is to advocate, build, maintain and enjoy sustainable trails for offroad cycling and other recreational use.

See the other bike-related articles in that issue, too: Non-Rules of the Gravel Road by Nathan Nelson and The Early Bicycling Craze by Susan Hvistendahl.