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Myrna Mibus, winter fat biking in Sechler Park, smiling & laughing way too much

Today I accompanied CROCT member Myrna Mibus on her first ‪‎fat bike‬ ride on the more challenging sections of the Sechler Park mtb trail. Sections of The Spine can eat you up and spit you out, as she found out. Fresh snow made it tougher than normal:

Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park 1

But she owned a challenging line in the Velodrome section of the Figure 8 loop:
Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park 2 Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park 3 Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park 4

Here’s a 40-second video of her various rides. She was smiling and laughing way too much:

Is the Sechler Park trail a destination mountain bike trail? No. However…

We don’t have a grandiose plan (yet!) to create ‘destination’ mountain bike trails here in Rice County. We first want to create trails for those of us who live here to ride.  But having trails that mountain bikers can enjoy when they are visiting the area for some other reason is cool.  And I think it adds to the overall desirability of the area for those considering moving here.

Rob Stepaniak  

As far as I know, Rob Stepaniak, manager of the Highland Park Erik’s Bike & Board Shop in St. Paul, was the first non-CROCTer to ride our Sechler Park trail when he paid a visit on Thanksgiving morning on his way to visiting family in Faribault. I wasn’t there but he posted these photos on Facebook and gave me permission to use them here.

Clay Haglund, fat bikerLast Saturday, I gave MAMB member Clay Haglund a tour of the Sechler trail on his way to visiting family in Hastings. I captured this 27-second video of him sessioning in the Figure 8 loop. I’m pretty sure he was the first to make it up the steep portion of the ‘velodrome’ segment since it snowed.