CROCT Founding Supporters

fundraising goal exceeded

During the months of May and August 2014, these individuals became CROCT Founding Supporters by donating $25 or more to help pay the costs for:

  1. Becoming a MN non-profit ($70)
  2. Becoming a chapter of IMBA ($500)
  3. Purchasing liability insurance ($650)

$1,205 was raised.

Ben Witt
Bill Nelson
Brent Johnson
Bruce Anderson
Carl Arnold
Christopher Tassava
Curtis Ness
Dale Gehring
Dave Meehl
David Starrs
David Walsh
Derek Sayres
Galen Murray
Griff Wigley
Jackie Sayres
Jason Decoux
Jim Wellbrock
Jan Luikens
Jeremy Bokman
Jerry Bilek
Joe Pahr
Joe Thorman
John Ebling
Kevin Herman
Matt McDonald
Marty Larson
Michael Lehmkuhl
Michael Rost
Myrna Mibus
Nate Jacobi
Peter Hark
Rob Newport
Sara & Thomas Brice
Sarah Jansen
Scott Koehler
Steve DeBus
Stew Moyer
Todd Amunrud
Todd Orjala
Todd Trembley
Wade Arnold
Zachary Wyman