CROCT’s Global Fat Bike Day ride is scheduled for Dec. 5

Global Fat Bike Day 2015

A fun ride to celebrate the greatest of all the winter holidays: Global Fat Bike Day 2015!


#GFBD2015 is one of those contrived holidays that’s still a lot of fun: a day to get out and ride fat bikes in the conditions they love most – winter.


GFBD rides are happening all over state, the country, and the world (seriously: it’s crazy), but here’s the plan for our Northfield event:

  1. Meet up at 1:30 at Bridge Square.
  2. Ride some of our fair city’s best fatbike terrain, like Sechler Park, the St. Olaf Natural Lands, maybe Odd Fellows or Lashbrook parks, and other points t.b.d.
  3. After about 90 minutes of riding, we will finish up with refreshments at Downtown Bikes – hot coffee from our friends at Stoke, cold beer from some local spots, and other tasty treats.


A. This is all for fun! Everyone is welcome as long as they have a fat bike or a tough enough MTB to handle the conditions – kids, beginners, recreational riders, experts and racers. Feel free to invite “outsiders,” but make sure they know that they’re then obliged to ride our trails a least once a month for the rest of their lives.

B. We’ll hang together so that nobody gets dropped, though if the group’s big enough, riders might sort themselves out into faster/further and slower/closer. The route will be easy to follow so it’ll be easy to cut if or when your bike gets tired and needs to go home.

C. This ride will happen in rain, snow, sun, or shade, because fat bikes!

Meet at Bridge Square. Convene afterwards at Downtown Bicycles LLC – 321 Division Street Northfield, MN 55057

Register (free) here!