CROCT’s Sechler Park trail now listed on

The peeps at 45NRTH (one of many QBP brands) launched a website recently called Groomed SingleTrack:

Groomed singletrackSimply put, groomed singletrack is your favorite trails manicured specifically for winter trail riding on fat bikes. The broader definition goes far beyond that. It’s the solution for winter cycling—a way to keep some fitness through the cold and snowy months, while having fun doing it. It’s a means to get outside and escape the inevitable hibernation that winter tries to force upon so many of us each year.

CROCT’s Sechler Park trail is now included on their ride page/map. Just plugin in ‘55057’ or ‘Rice County’ or ‘Northfield’ and select  a 25-mile radius and you’ll see a live Google map with a description listed at the bottom. Screenshot:

groomed singletrack map - CROCT Sechler Park trail

Use the Twitter hashtag #ridegroomed or the Instagram hashtag #ridegroomed to see what others are posting.