First CROCT trail work day scheduled: April 19 at Sechler Park

 Marty Larson, AKA Paul Bunyan Marty Larson Marty Larson, AKA Paul Bunyan

On Wednesday afternoon, Marty Larson and I visited the Cannon Rivers bottoms in Sechler Park to scout a trail, do a little marking, and clear some downed branches.  We need some demonstration trails to show members of the Northfield Parks Board (PRAB) what singletrack looks like and where it might go.  We are NOT authorized to do any ‘creating’ at this point (eg, building berms, rollers, technical obstacles, etc).

We’d like to get a team of volunteers out Saturday morning, April 19th, to clear things out a bit more.

  • 8 am: socializing at the Goodbye Blue Monday or Tandem Bagels, whichever is quieter/has space.
  • 9 am: meeting at the pavilion / playground near the south entrance Sechler Park.

bow saw hand pruners loppers

Bring hand pruners, branch loppers, and bow saws so we can clear the trails where we’ll want PRAB members to walk. Bring rakes, too, as the ground is thick with years of composting leaves and vegetation. Eventually when most of the work is done, we will be installing the outdoor, brush cameras we got from shooting authority, they will surely capture great shots.

Park gates are NOT open till May 1.  So if you’re coming in a vehicle, it’s probably best to park in the cul-de-sac behind Walgreens, as there’s not a lot of room for parking at the far end of Sechler by the Heath Creek entrance.
It’s fine to ride in on your bikes.  The double-track from either end is solid now.  So if you’re biking from Northfield, ride the road to the first baseball field and then cut behind it. Here’s a screenshot of a map. The red X is where we’ll be working.
Sechler Pk work day april 19