Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB) fundraiser on tap for April 19

On tap, indeed.

MAMB Brewery Fundraiser

The Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB)  are hosting a fundraiser next month at the Mankato Brewery. “There will be music, beer, food, games, merch, and a raffle with great prizes from local businesses” says the flyer which I printed out and put up yesterday in a few key spots around Northfield. See their Facebook events page for more details.

Goodbye Blue Monday and Tandem Bagles, Division St, Northfield  
I started with my two main morning coffee hangouts on Division St, the Goodbye Blue Monday and Tandem Bagels.

Fit to be Tri'd  Mike's Bicycle Shop
I then put them up at the two bike shops in downtown Northfield. Tom Bisel at Fit to be Tri’d and Stew Moyer at Mike’s Bicycle Shop (AKA Mike’s Bikes) were happy to oblige.

I expect to attend the MAMB fundraiser and not just because I’m the charitable beer-drinking type.  I’m interested in learning how mountain bike clubs do their fundraisers, as we CROCT’ers will likely be doing one in our not-too-distant future.

I’m also keenly interested in the mtb trails that MAMB has been constructing along the Minnesota River in downtown Mankato, as it appears CROCT will be doing likewise along the Cannon River bottoms in Northfield. More on that Real Soon Now.

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word! I hope we can draw some support from out of town.

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