Photo album: Inaugural Sechler Park group ride and social

CROCT group ride, Sechler Park
CROCT hosted its first ever group ride in Sechler Park yesterday during the area’s first real snowfall of the season.   Nearly two dozen riders participated.

CROCT social hosted by Tom Bisel, Fit To Be Tri'd

After a couple hours of riding,  we convened for some refreshments at Fit To Be Tri’d in downtown Northfield, courtesy of proprietor Tom Bisel.  He even provided the food (salami, cheese, crackers).  I didn’t get a good photo of Tom so I’ve plugged in his face in the photo above. #noskillswithphotoshop

CROCT Board member Carl Arnold made this 1-minute video of some of the rides:

See the large slideshow of 80+ photos (many low res, captured from video) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow: