Sechler Park MTB trail

Sechler Park is a City of Northfield park, primarily consisting of athletic fields. It extends along the northwest side of the Cannon River, from the Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge (at the cul-de-sac behind Walgreen’s and Kwik Trip)  near the intersection of Hwys 3 & 19, to Heath Creek near the City’s compost site on Armstrong Road.

The Sechler Park MTB trail (CROCT’s first) open for shared use (mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing) on November 15, 2014. It’s a two-way trail, approximately 3.5 miles if all sections are ridden in both directions.  A small skills park was added in 2015.

CROCT Monday night youth group ride, Sechler Park mtb trail 

Sechler Park trail conditions/updates

We post major trail updates (features, etc.) to the CROCT blog, using the Sechler Park tag.  We post minor trail condition updates to the @CROCTconditions Twitter feed  which also displays in the upper left sidebar of the CROCT home page. We also post minor updates to the CROCT Facebook page and those also display in the upper right sidebar of the CROCT home page. We discuss Sechler Park trail conditions and other updates via the CROCT Google Groups discussion group.

Levels of difficulty: white, green and blue. (See IMBA’s trail difficulty ratings page.)

Location: Primarily in the wooded river bottoms area between the access road/athletic fields and the river.

Blog posts: See all our blog posts tagged with Sechler Park

Signage: There is a kiosk at the trail head by the cul-de-sac at the pedestrian bridge (behind Walgreen’s). The trail is marked with several blue posts throughout.

Access: Besides the trail head, there are other access points to the trail:

  • Several spots behind the fences along the ball fields
  • Lacrosse field
  • South pavilion


See IMBA’s MTBProject map for the Sechler Park mtb trail. Note that there’s a separate short segment called the Sechler Park Figure 8 Loop, and a separate Sechler Park Doubletrack segment  that shows the wide doubletrack that runs along the river, adjacent and connected to portions of the mtb singletrack.

To use the map’s zoom feature, first select the Hybrid base layer in the upper left corner of the map.

See their site for a full-description of the trail and a virtual ride.  The map there can be toggled full screen.

Better yet if you’re using a mobile device, get one the MTB Project mobile apps. One of the best features? “Works with no cell signal, including all mapping and geolocating features.”

Alternatively, see this live Google map that shows the main trail.