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The flood-destroyed Milltowns Trail bridge continues to give back: Caron Park is the latest beneficiary

The Milltowns Trail bridge along Armstrong Road in Bridgewater Township was destroyed in the July 2013 flood. (See photos of the flood on the Locally Grown Northfield blog.) The wood was salvaged and ultimately donated to CROCT by the Minnesota DNR, thanks to Peter Hark.  Back in May, a crew of CROCT volunteer trail workers fashioned timbers and planks from the bridge into two bridges along our Sechler Park trail.

Last week, CROCT members Todd Amunrud, Kevin Herman, Marty Larson, Michael Lehmkuhl, and Galen Murray fashioned some of those timbers and planks into a bridge along a new segment of our mtb trail in Caron Park.

CROCT bridge construction at Caron Park

CROCT bridge construction at Caron Park

CROCT bridge construction at Caron Park

CROCT bridge construction at Caron Park

CROCT bridge construction at Caron Park


Skills park changes in Sechler: teeter totter, dirt pile, and skinnies

We now have a small teeter totter in the Sechler skills park area, approved by the City of Northfield. Props to Jim Wellbrock and fellow volunteers for making it happen:

Galen Murray riding the mtb teeter totter in Sechler Park Jim Wellbrock with mtb teeter totter

We put it to use during Monday night’s youth group ride with great success:

Michael Lehmkuhl watching over the Sechler MTB skills park teeter totter

The nearby dirt pile (used for the baseball fields) now has 5 ‘lines’ on it, providing 5 levels of difficulty for riding over it:

Sechler MTB skills park dirt pile

After watching the problems that some of our Monday night series youth have had on the beam skinny, we’ve started work on reconfiguring it. We don’t have it all worked out but in the interim, there’s now just a single line of 3 beams. We’ve piled the rest of them on the river side of the trail.

Sechler MTB skills park skinny 

The muddy ditch along Sechler Park’s mtb trail now has a bridge

A crew of trail workers (including Marty Larson, Galen Murray, and Todd Amunrud) installed a wooden bridge over the muddy ditch along our Sechler Park MTB trail last night.

The #mtb hashtag: #trailsdontbuildthemselves

L to R: Todd Amunrud, Galen Murray, Marty Larson. Photo by Laura Chihara L to R: Galen Murray, Marty Larson, Todd Amunrud. Photo by Laura Chihara 

The materials were donated by Steve Schmidt of Schmidt Homes, who also happens to be a mountain biker.

Schmidt Homes Steve Schmidt, mountain biker

The fatties (and CROCT) turn out for River Bend Nature Center’s Fat Bike Event

Five above zero and windy? No problem.  River Bend Nature Center held their first Fat Bike Event on Saturday and it was a hit, even for those like me who spent most of the time in the cozy confines of the RBNC Interpretive Center.

It was a first for CROCT, too: our volunteers staffed a table, complete with our new CROCT banner and CROCT brochure (PDF):

RBNC Education Coordinator Kaytlan Moeller, CROCT Board member Carl Arnold CROCT Board member Scott Koehler, Faribault Flyers member Mark Thacher CROCT brochures

Props to CROCT board members Galen Murray and Jeremy Bokman, as well as member Michael Lehmkuhl for getting the banner and brochure created in time. And special thanks to RBNC Education Coordinator Kaytlan Moeller (pictured above/left with CROCT board member Carl Arnold) for hosting us. She posted a thank-you note on the RBNC Facebook page, along with 18 photos.

CROCT member and blogger Christopher Tassava wowed the crowd with a presentation on his recent fat bike adventures:

Christopher Tassava Christopher Tassava Christopher Tassava

And two local bike shops, FIT to be TRI’d and Milltown Cycles, were co-sponsors of the event, providing demo bikes, on-site maintenance, and group ride leadership. Travis Seeger, Tom Bisel, and their minions rocked!

Travis Seeger and Todd Trembley, Milltown Cycles River Bend Nature Center's Fat Bike Event Tom Bisel, FIT To Be TRI'd

Milltown Cycles FIT To Be TRI'dHere’s my album of 30+ photos of the event:  Continue reading The fatties (and CROCT) turn out for River Bend Nature Center’s Fat Bike Event

Tracking trail worker volunteer hours for 2014

Sechler Park trail workWe are looking to track volunteer hours for 2014. If you volunteered for any of the CROCT trail work sessions in 2014, we would appreciate if you took the time to fill out this form. It only takes a minute:

This will allow the board to have concrete numbers and data on the time and effort spent in developing the trails.

Photos: December CROCT board meeting at Milltown Cycles in Faribault

We held our December CROCT Board meeting at Milltown Cycles in Faribault last week. A stand-up meeting, mostly!

L to R: Kris Brazil, Jerry Walsh, Brent Johnson, Dave Meehl, Phil Thorson, Joe VanBogard Sarah Jansen, Galen Murray, Marty Larson, Curtis Ness, John Ebling, Dave Klemmer Joe Thorman, Rob Newman, Jeremy Bokman

Left photo, L to R: Kris Brazil, Jerry Walsh, Brent Johnson, Dave Meehl, Phil Thorson, Joe VanBogard.

Center: Sarah Jansen, Galen Murray, Marty Larson, Curtis Ness, John Ebling, Dave Klemmer

Right: Joe Thorman, Rob Newman, Jeremy Bokman

Not pictured: Mike Rost