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Mike’s Bikes crew hauls DNR timbers and planks to Sechler skills park

Nick Becker, Stew Moyer, and Gareth Bly from Mike’s Bikes in downtown Northfield took time out of their work day today to install new TreadHunter tires on the rig and haul planks & timbers from the City of Northfield ‘s compost site to the Sechler skills park.Nick Becker, Stew Moyer, and Gareth Bly: Mike's Bikes

We’ll use the wood (from the flood-damaged Mill Towns Trail bridge) for a bridge at Caron Park & miscellaneous skills park features.

Thank you,  Nick, Stew, and Gareth!

CROCT Founding Supporters exceed fundraising goal by $250

Stew Moyer Marty Larson and Carl Arnold

Stew Moyer and Marty Larson were among the 25+ people making a donation to CROCT’s Founding Supporters fundraising campaign in early May.  Board treasurer Carl Arnold collected and deposited their donations.

The goal was to raise enough money to help pay the costs for CROCT to become a MN non-profit ($70) and a chapter of IMBA ($500).  Over $825 was raised.

See the Founding Supporters page for the names of everyone who donated.



Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB) fundraiser on tap for April 19

On tap, indeed.

MAMB Brewery Fundraiser

The Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB)  are hosting a fundraiser next month at the Mankato Brewery. “There will be music, beer, food, games, merch, and a raffle with great prizes from local businesses” says the flyer which I printed out and put up yesterday in a few key spots around Northfield. See their Facebook events page for more details. Continue reading Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB) fundraiser on tap for April 19