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CROCT’s new trail conditions Twitter feed

We’ve now got a second CROCT Twitter feed, devoted strictly to trail conditions:


We have an upper left sidebar widget for it here on our website and a link to it on the nav bar.

CROCT trail conditions screenshot


We’ll continue to post trail conditions to the CROCT Facebook page timeline. And whenever there’s a significant update with Sechler Park trail conditions that requires more explanation that can be done in a tweet, we’ll post an update here on the blog.

Update Dec. 21:  Now that we have a Google Groups discussion for CROCT, we’ll have an ongoing discussion topic there devoted to the Sechler Park trail, including conditions.

CROCT’s Facebook page and Twitter feed are now lit

CROCT on Facebook CROCT Twitter feed

If you’re a member of Facebook, you can now keep tabs on us via our new CROCT Facebook page.

If you use Twitter, you can follow us via our new CROCT Twitter feed (@CROCTers). We just might follow you back.

As one of the CROCT webmasters, I’ve added both a Facebook and Twitter widget to our right sidebar here so you can get a glimpse of the activities with each platform.

Anytime we have a new post on this CROCT blog, we’ll also tweet it and post it to our Facebook wall.  Beyond that, I’m sure we’ll find other uses for those platforms.