Tom’s Downtown Bicycles donates a chainsaw to CROCT

Tom Bisel, CROCT member, CVVC founder and president, and owner of Tom’s Downtown Bicycles on Division St in Northfield, donated a brand new Stihl chainsaw to CROCT a couple weeks ago.

That’s Tom and CROCT president Marty Larson at the Sechler skills park in the photos below.  Chainsawing in shorts and a printed polo shirt? No worries. Photos were staged. And we’ve since obtained a full complement of protective gear that our skilled volunteers will be required to use.

See the Downtown Bicycles website, Facebook page, and follow their @DowntownBikesNF Twitter feed.

Thank you, Tom!

Tom Bisel, Tom's Downtown Bicycles, with donated chainsaw

Marty Larson, CROCT president, with chainsaw donated by Tom Bisel, Tom's Downtown Bicycles

Tom Bisel, Tom's Downtown Bicycles

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Downtown Bicycles donates a chainsaw to CROCT”

  1. Not a bicycler, but a walker, I love the Sechler skills park! I marvel at the work that went (is going) into making it. The new saw should be a great tool! Thanks to Tom and the rest of the CROCTers!

  2. I appreciate the comment, Jane. And I’m delighted that you’re making use of the trail for walking. We’re pleased at how many people are using it for walking and running.

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