Trail workers needed for Apr 18 Sechler bridge work; also a generator, Sawzalls, chainsaws

Trail Season is upon us! Hooray! While you get out and enjoy Sechler Park, we will be shifting our trail building focus. But FIRST!

flood-damaged Mill Towns Trail bridge flood-damaged Mill Towns Trail bridge

We will be installing some bridges in Sechler Park that will take care of the two water crossings we have there. THIS Saturday (April 18) we’ll be inspecting the old Mill Towns Trail bridge for salvageable materials, and possibly cutting them and getting the ready to transport to the sites on the trail. Next Wednesday night, we’ll do installation.

What we need: Someone with a generator, a sawzall or two and a nice sharp chainsaw. Other than that, some muscle! Bring work gloves and sturdy or steel toe boots, you really will need to bring out your best work boots!

This year, we will be doing the bulk of our trail work out at Caron Park with. So much time was spent in this off season window shopping on sites like, that now we are more than adequately geared up. The schedule thus far will be the same as last year: Wednesday evenings from 5:00pm to dark, and Saturdays from 10:00am to whenever. I will put up a more detailed schedule once the bridge project at Sechler is complete.