Using MTB Project’s map tools for the Sechler Park Trail

MTB Project

MTB Project bills itself as the “next generation of mountain bike trail maps” and is in partnership with IMBA. Among their many map-related features and tools, they make it possible to embed their maps on a website. We now have a Sechler Park Trail page where we’ve done this.

Sechler Park MTB Project map

(See the MTB Project site for a full-description of the Sechler Park trail and a virtual ride.  The map there can be toggled full screen.)

If you’re using a mobile device, get one the MTB Project mobile apps. One of the best features? “Works with no cell signal, including all mapping and geolocating features.”

Anyone can submit edits to the Sechler Park trail on MTB Project.  We need to have more photos of the trail submitted, especially ones of people with their bikes along the trail.